Easy Veterinary Marketing – COVID-19 Special!


Phase 1: 6 Weeks to Freedom

Here’s our goal for Week 1:

Practices that know their WHY have;  Three times higher staff (team member) retention (longevity), Team members report having 1.7x the level of job satisfaction, Team members report having 1.4x the level of engagement with the practice, 43% of clients are prepared to pay a PREMIUM to work with a practice which has a ‘why’, a ‘purpose’ or a ‘cause’

Our goal is for you to know exactly WHY you do what you do, HOW you do it and specifically WHAT it is that you do.
This applies to and for the practice, the practice owner and for every person that works there.
It’s as simple and as profound as knowing WHY you get to get out of bed every morning and GET to come to work, rather than HAVING to get out of bed every morning….

Developing this WHY, HOW and WHAT leads to maximum freedom and profitability.
Here’s how we’ll get there:

Reconnecting with your WHY: The ‘Big Thing’, the WHY you became a Veterinarian in the first place. Here’s an example; ‘We take the stress out of pet ownership so that you can spend your time enjoying them’. You’ll be crystal clear once again on exactly why you do what you do, so you can immediately begin attracting the perfect Team members and attracting your ideal clients!

Uncovering the HOW:  How do you do what you do as a Veterinarian. This sounds simple and like everyone does the same thing. But that’s simplistic and incorrect. Here’s an example; ‘We fix sick animals and keep healthy animals well’. You’ll get crystal clear on exactly how you do what you do and then getting that core message through to your ideal client …thus specifically attracting your Ideal Clients and have them feeling that they’ve found their ‘ideal’ Vet …so you can talk to each other with confidence and clarity!

Discovering the WHAT it is that you do: Realizing exactly WHAT you do attracts your best potential clients so that your marketing focuses ONLY on them. Here’s an example; ‘We’re an accredited Hospital of Excellence working out of a purpose-built Hospital practicing gold standards of contemporary medicine’. Crystallising and documenting your ‘What’ immediately STOPS overwhelm, stress, and extra work because now you’re laser-focused just on the people who will happily work with you,  pay you and they’re focused on you! 

Discovering your Unique Service Proposition to serve them with: Now that you know WHY you do what you do, HOW you do it and specifically WHAT it is that you do, it’s time to get crystal clear on exactly what it is that makes you UNIQUE in the market place and what will make your ideal client happy to pay for the results they want as quickly and effectively as possible for their pet or farm stock. Formulating your VALUES. These form the ethical and moral compass of your Team which supports decision making and empowerment – allows ‘risk’ taking and also attracting and retaining your ideal client whilst serving to turn away those clients who are not ‘ideal’ for you.

Week ONE is all about going back to basics. And it is these basics that differentiate the GREAT practices from the ordinary ones. And it is these basics that allow you to attract and retain both your ideal Team and your ideal clients. And that’s why we’ll be taking a deep dive into these basics, right up front.

 Week 2: Who Is My Ideal Client?  

Our mission for week two is for you to discover exactly who your ideal client is and exactly how to find and get them into your practice so you’ll never be worried or overwhelmed by trying to find new clients again.  This is extremely important because it gives you great confidence in knowing they’ll be happy to accept your recommendations and also happy to invest the money in those recommendations… you’ll be able to find, market to and attract those clients with total confidence.

Here’s how we’ll get there: 
We’re going to discover simple, straight-forward and easy to apply and action strategies that will give you a host of ‘secret’ information on your ideal client;  where to find your ideal client how to attract them  what they want from you what keeps them happy  how to keep them coming back how to retain them and get them to stay ‘forever’  and how to get them to refer their ‘A’ grade friends

And what’s even better, you’ll be really surprised to learn how to get your ideal client to share this information with you and be delighted in doing so.

Finally, I’ll show you how to get your clients to share with you all the ‘secret’ things that they LOVE about your practice which keep them coming back as well as referring you on to their friends. In doing so, we’ll also get them to share those things with you that they DON’T like about your practice and how you can ‘improve’ or ‘change’ those matters to delight those clients and turn them into raving fans.

Just wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement this year. At the end of June, I was so close to tossing it all in. Now you have given me a lot more confidence in what we do and why we do it!

I feel much more confident so I was able to honor Caroline and surprise her with a brand new Corolla to drive instead of her really dodgy car! It completely took her by surprise – what a great present for me to see her face. (I took her for a coffee and the sales lady parked the car out in the car park. As we came out Caroline said “Well somebody is getting a nice present. ” I then handed her the keys and our 4 girls jumped out from behind the other cars they were hiding behind! Then all Caroline kept saying was “Is this MY car?” What a hoot!)Richard

Veterinary Practice Owner – WA

Week 3: The Life Time Value Of Your Client And How Much It Costs You To Gain A New Client vs. The Cost Of Retaining Your Existing Ones. 

By the end of week three, our goal is for you to understand; How much each new client is worth to your practice over their ‘lifetime’, What it costs you to NOT convert that inbound phone call to an appointment, Your client acquisition cost,  Your client acquisition cost for EVERY client acquisition strategy that you use (Internet, website, yellow pages, drive-by, referral, YouTube, etc.) Your client retention costs, Your marketing expenses and whether you’re spending your marketing money wisely.
In this module, you’ll MASTER …

  • How to reverse engineer your marketing strategy based on the wants, needs, and desires of your perfect client so you can tap directly into his or her subconscious and make them say, “THIS VET IS FOR ME”! 
  • How to calculate and how to understand the ‘Life Time Value’ of your client and once you know this, to understand
  • EXACTLY how much to invest in your marketing and exactly WHERE to spend it so that you get the MAXIMUM return for your buck and how to attract your IDEAL client to your practice.
  • How to track your marketing dollar so that you know WHAT you’ve spent, WHERE you’ve spent it and whether you’ve generated enough of a return on that dollar to make you want to spend that dollar again. How to work out what marketing method works best to attract your ideal client.
  • What you can afford to spend on attracting a new client to your practice.

To make this module really easy to complete, you’ll get calculation templates, examples, worksheets, templates and more …so you’re able to hit the ground running knowing what to do and exactly how to do it.

Week Four: Am I Easy To Do Business With?  

By the end of week four, you’ll know exactly how easy you are to do business with, once you’ve examined your practice and its processes ‘Through The Eyes Of Your Client’. ‘Hello Stranger’… Every so often,  it pays to walk into the front door of your business and adopt a Total Stranger Mentality, imagining what you’d be thinking if you were walking through these doors for the first time.

The ‘Hello Stranger’ worksheets, templated system, and mindset will ensure that you examine EVERYTHING in your practice; from your website to your people to your marketing to your premises and even to your handouts, letters, brochures, client emails and SMS messages.

Knowing and understanding exactly HOW you ‘appear’ to your client and just HOW ‘easy’ (or not so easy) you are to do business with, allows you to really build a truly client and patient focused practice. A practice that’ll have your clients raving about you and referring all their friends.

A comprehensive practice ‘audit’ will allow you to ‘tie’ all the pieces together to form one well-oiled automated marketing and advertising system that ‘talks so loudly’ to the client, without you every having to say a single word and, therefore, delivers new clients and customers consistently …without depending on your input or time!

Hear what past participants have to say…

Diana Wilson Toorak Rd Vet

James Tiernan Highton Veterinary Clinic

Week Five: Retaining New Clients! 

By the end of week five, you’ll understand that the statistical ‘norm’ for three-year new client retention for Veterinary practices is just 50% (for every 100 new clients coming  into a Vet practice, by three years’ time, there are only 50 left and 50 have moved on).

You’ll also know how to craft and launch a $3.00 strategy that will increase that three-year new client retention up to a massive 85% – on AUTOPILOT.

You’ll discover; How to write a killer ‘Welcome to the practice…’ letter that will have new clients already referring you to their friends.

How to WOW them with an inexpensive and yet stunning ‘Welcome Pack’ that they will open and act on immediately it is received.

How to get them to visit you for a second time within three weeks of their first visit. This second visit is the true KEY to retaining a new client for their ‘lifetime’.

A no-cost strategy to get them to come back AGAIN within three months of their first visit. When you achieve this, your three-year new client retention could increase to a WHOPPING 90%.

How to use 30-second VIDEO to ensure that you and your practice stand apart from VERY other practice, in fact, EVERY other business that they’ve ever dealt with, a video that will guarantee to turn them immediately into Raving Fans.

How to craft a simple but stunning practice brochure that will have your clients coming back to use all the services that you have to provide as well as asking for more.

Week Six: Writing With POWER!  

At this week’s end, you’ll master the art of ‘Benefit Laden Copy’. This is all about writing with ‘power’ and engaging your client so that they ‘get’ what you’re ‘saying’ with total clarity and with total understanding and then immediately take the action that you want them to. Whether that’s coming in for an annual health check, for a Feline wellness visit, senior screen or even a medical or surgical revisit.

Getting the written message across with power and clarity is not something that most Vets are good at. The simple, easy to apply writing strategies and techniques that we share in week six can be quickly and easily learned by anyone; Veterinarian, nurse or receptionist.

And once mastered, these strategies can be applied everywhere; website, go home medical and surgical handouts, pre-anaesthetic (peace of mind) brochures, reminder and recall letters, practice brochure and, of course admission release and discharge instructions.

What’s even better is that ‘benefit-laden copy’ has NO pressure, NO ‘Jargonese’ and NO ‘salesiness’. It’s a writing style that can be mastered by any 10-12-year-old child and what’s more, it works incredibly well, breaking through all barriers and is equally appealing to and effective whether your reader is a University professor, a stay at home mum or a blue-collar worker.

To make it even easier for you, a vast bank of templates and ‘swipe’ file examples (which you can copy and paste) is included in your resource material.

So if you know this is right for you and will help you, enroll right now.

No matter what you decide to do today, I can promise you one thing… nobody gets lasting success alone

We NEED to surround ourselves with people who share the same goals, values, and the same mission so we can support each other, stay sharp, stay focused, hold each other accountable, and work together for mutual success.

And that’s exactly what the Four Months Of Fellowship is about.

There’s NOTHING as powerful as getting a small group of people who all share the same vision, values, and goals together in a small group working together to help one another.

As you’ve probably experienced, groups like this are the places where lifelong friendships, business alliances, and partnerships are born …so it’s way more than ‘just’ an event.

It’s an experience that can continue to pay dividends for the rest of your career.
So if you know this is right for you and will help you, enroll right now.

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